Adorable Rabbits

Miniature Lops and Netherland Dwarfs





We are not toys however cute and cuddly we look.  Please handle with care and respect.  Please read the Information & Disclaimer page, before enquiring.




We may be cute, but are not toys and need respect


Adorable babies are available at around 8/10 weeks old depending on their development. 


Please note ~ An ideal pair combination is a buck and doe.  It is advisable to neuter all pet rabbits for health reasons.  Two "does" can sometimes live together well, however, there will be times when they get territorial and hormonal.

Any questions/queries or advice needed, please be in touch


The sexing of a baby rabbit is sometimes very difficult, therefore we cannot guarantee the sex of your pet. Unless you are purchasing an adult rabbit.


Babies currently available

   We have available a selection of babies that are bonded in various colours


We are based in North Kent.
07740 356062.

Please note:
We do NOT deliver


Should you want to see photo's, then please text
us on What's App


Adorable babies are very sociable, confident and have sound temperaments 


Pairs are available (buck and doe) and will bonded prior to being sold


 Information booklet, care sheet and changeover food provided.

All our babies are fully wormed too.


Reservation - If you wish to reserve a rabbit, We will require a small non-refundable deposit, your deposit will only be returned due to unforeseen circumstances on our behalf.  We will not be in a position to hold a rabbit for more than a week unless its too young to go to its new home.


For your convenience, we have the facility for you to pay your deposit via Paypal, once we
have confirmed that the baby is available.

We will require a £10 deposit for each baby prior to collection.

Payable to:
(not all deposits need to be made via Paypal, please email for details)



All rabbits will come with  food to last at least a week, sufficient to mix in with another brand of feed to help wean them over. There are a wide variety of rabbit foods on the market with different nutritional values and your rabbit's health will be affected if their diet is changed constantly.  Burgess Excel Junior/Adult is a feed recommended by vets, as it is a pellet and and will stop any "fussy" eating habits which may occur with the "rabbit mixes".


A Care Sheet and Information booklet is provided.