Adorable Rabbits

Miniature Lops and Netherland Dwarfs

Feedback and photos of Minis and Dwarfs in their new homes.


Hi Joe,
Just quick email to let you know how the Lilac Doe is doing, her name is Agatha, Aggie for short. She was very shy at first but now is a real character!
She has the whole balcony to run on everyday, she waits at the door jumping up at it to be opened, when me and my partner Joseph go out to sit with her she hops to us and doesn't leave our toes alone. She comes up to be hand fed with Carrot sticks and Lettuce, I've added a few pics of her. Thanks so much for a lovely natured rabbit, she really is adorable.
Best Wishes, Kelly




 Hi Joe,

I thought you might like to see a photo of His Royal Highness Prince Charles I, aka Charlie!  I've also attached a photo of Charlie with Elliot.  Charlie is doing very well and loves Elliot's company.  To my surprise he is not at all bothered by the noise Elliot makes with his toys and trust me...he can be VERY noisy!  One of his favourite places is behind Elliot's toy box where he completely crashes out as can be seen on one of the photos.  He seems to enjoy our company no matter how noisy as he would not even look up when being photographed even with a flash!  Needless to say we love him very much.

Hope you are well.  I will keep you posted.

Stef x


Hiya Joe

I thought you might like to see some photos of Bugsy and Fifi (haha!).  They are soo funny and chewing everything!  When they have eaten all their food they both sit right in the front of their cage and stare at us like little dogs!  Soooo cute and clever!  My son goes round stamping when you ask him what Bugsy does.

Best wishes, Emma


Hi Joe,

Please see attached pics of Thumper. he loves running around the living room, he loves the bean bag as you can see from the pictures, he climbs on it and chills out on there.




Just thought i'd let u know how the rabbit you sold us is doing. My sister decided to call him Noddy and he's doing very well. I've attached a few pictures so you can see how he is doing.




 Dear Joe,

Just thought I'd send you a few pictures of me in my new home with my new boyfriend Ned.

I'm getting on very well, am very friendly and curious and love exploring and climbing - I've just got big enough to jump up onto the sofa where my new owners Rhiannon and Ben sit in the evenings with Ned. We all have a lovely time.

I always jump onto their laps and climb all over them but I still like to run away from them sometimes when they try to catch me!

My favourite thing is to flop out on the floor right next to Ned and be stroked at the same time as him. I also like being fed treats, my favourite are egg biscuits.

I have a funny habit of nodding my head when I look at things and I look a bit like an alien.

I'm very happy and have made Rhiannon and Ben and most importantly Ned very happy - he's so pleased to have the company and always follows me around and gives me lots of kisses!

Hope you and all your rabbits are well!

Love Missus. X


Hi Joe,

I adopted the blue otter buck and the black otter doe from you in January as you may remember. I thought it would be nice you an update as to how the babies are doing and enclosed are some pictures with them. We've named the boy Bugsy and the girl is called Daffy. Both bunnies love their new home. Bugsy is the excited one who likes to roam around and play all the time whereas Daffy likes to relax and sleep most of the times unless Bugsy tries to mate with her.
Thank  you so much for our babies they really are amzingly sweet and such good company.
From Naz


Thank you for our fabulous mini lop, which we named Lily. She's a big girl now and during this year and a half the pleasure she has brought to us has been such a treat. She has a very mischevious character, loves to be out of her cage and adores cuddles and kisses. I have attached a photo. 
Many thanks, Christina


Hi there!
Just giving you an update on Poppet and sending you a photo of her which I thought you might like
She is doing great and is such a little madam, loves being out! She puts herself to bed when she's ready which is so cute,
unless it's a school night I have to make her go to bed lol! She always pulls at my pants when I am in the kitchen and grunts at me. Such a little darling and couldn't have asked for a better baby! Thanks.
Cheers, Julz.


If you recall we were really keen to have a choc baby mini lop & you kindly provided us with a really pretty little girl, she is such a cutie!! Hope you like the pics.. she has settled down superbly & she's not shy  when chasing the two cats around :-)! Not sure they know what to make of her ha ha! Thanks again, she gives us so much pleasure, we had to call her Twinkle, Twinks for short simply because of her eyes!
Kind regards, Liz & Shaun

The mini doe has settled in brilliantly, we have called her Lolly, it seemed to suit her in her pink cage!
She is absolutley gorgeous and couldn't be without her now, she follows us around everywhere, loves being picked up and stroked and demands a lot of attention (she is a bit of a little madam really!), I think we have spoilt her as she never gets shut in her hutch and has complete run of the house and her own bedroom!  The only problem we have had is she is partial to chewing shoes!  I have attached some pictures of her that are our favourites! I hope all is well and thank you again for such a loveable (if not very cheeky) rabbit that we just love so much! Carol-Anne and Adam


Thank you so much for our gorgeous mini lops we bought from you. They are very nice pets and now a part of family. We call them Roger and Bella. They are so cute, we handle them every day and allow them to run in a room.

Renata and Arthur

Jim Jams is a buck Sue bought from us late last year, and now has a companion doe "Missy"

Hi i've attached a photo of Missi (for mischief!) and Jim-jams together. They loved each other from the moment they met. Jim-jams humped her a lot (had to   explain that to the kids!) but they soon settled down, she's so lovely, really  friendly and very greedy. They make a great pair as he's laid back and calm.   Love to see them lying cuddling each other, so sweet! Thanks for all your help.  Sue

Just thought I'd drop you an email to let you know how much fun I'm having with my bunny =)

We named her Meg, which we think really suits her. She's a noisy,cheeky and playful thing and she's not so little anymore..!Her favourite thing to do is throw her litter tray around and play hide and seek when she's out and about in my flat.  She also enjoys foraging for her food in various jars and containers.
I've attached a few pictures so you can see how different she looks!
Regards and Best Wishes, Chéllina and Greg


Hi, thought I would send you some photos and an update on Amber and Jack!
They are getting on fantasticly well, they shared the hutch on the 2nd night and like to chase each other around and then just lay next to each other :) They are really cute.
If I get a better photo I will send you some more!  I am waiting for the bigger run to be delivered so they can have more space to run around.  Thank you for all your help, regards, Katey x


Hello, a couple of pictures of the Cinnamon  buck we recently bought from you.  He has settled in very well.

I don't know if you remember but we bought Honey (orange buck) off you just under a year ago and just wanted to update you with his progress.  He is doing fine, is full of energy and confidence and is into everything.  The news I have is that he now has a bun wife called audrey who is a 2 yr old dwarf lop rescue bun.  They were bonded this weekend so it is early days but they are doing well.  Hope you like the pictures and thanks again for such a beautiful rabbit!
Best wishes, Cat

Hello, an update on Misha.   She is really healthy and has settled in very well.  We will keep you updated and may want a companion for her sometime in the future.  Monika and Aaron

Hello, just to let you know that the Netherland Dwarf we bought off you is doing very well.  We had no problems at all in introducing him to our doe.  They play together well and she lets him into her hutch, which we were surprised about as se doesn't always let us near that!  If anything she has calmed down having him around.

If any of our friends decide to have a pet rabbit, we will be sending them your way, Thanks again, Katy.

I am just writing to say thank-you, as my rabbit (Fudge) is very social and fun to be with. He is very friendly and loves running round our house (sometimes with very cute little jumps). Although we have to watch the plugs and plants (then pick up the poops) we love him so much. We've attached a picture of him now on our step. Thank-you once again, Claire

Just thought we'd let you know the mini lop we bought from you about  a month ago has settled in really well.
Phoebe as taken really well to Guinness our Dwarf and they seem to be best of mates if not for Guinness showing his admiration for her on a daily basis!
Still a little weary of dream our dog but she is getting more adventureous everyday and putting her own stamp on the place!
Well anyway just would like to say thank you for you help when we visited and to say we are very happy with our new addtion. 
Dean and Amanda

Hiya, The bunnies have settled in wonderfully! I have named them Bella Ophelia Banana shortened to Bella and Prince Alfie Beau Mercutio shortened to Alfie...Attached a couple of pictures, Alfie, in his favourite place, under the hutch and Bella exploring a roll of toilet paper, she is an inquisitive little thing and runs around my room like she owns the place already!  Sarah

Hi , here is a photograph of Buttons, chilling in the hallway.  He is an absolute delight, thank you.  Helen and James


Updated Picture of Figgy, asleep on our bookshelf!

Hi, just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know that Figgy has settled in well. He hasn't stopped eating since he arrived and is very affectionate. He follows us around the house and flops out on our laps if we sit at ground level. Sit still too long and an affectionate licking is administered! Many Thanks, Anjali

Hi, here is a photo of Pinkie, she has settled in really well. Angela

Hi, here are some photos of Roger, he has bonded really well with our doe, and she has even become more friendly now!  Thanks Danielle

Thank you Danielle for a lovely photo of Roger (Siamese Smoke Adult Buck) sleeping on the sofa....He looks very relaxed and happy!

Hi, here are a couple of pictures of our two bunnies, they are doing great.  We have named them Buddy and Becky, Buddy is very docile and loves being cuddled.   Becky is a bit more nosey, but still very cute!  Sarah


Hello, just a quick e-mail to let you know Eddie has settled in nicely.  He has a cheeky character and is keen to explore, and hasn't stopped eating since he arrived! Best wishes, Kim


Just thought we would send you a quick email to let you know Ralph is settling in well.  He was fairly quiet in the car on the way home but, as soon as he was in his new home and cage he seemed very happy.  We have been talking to him lots so he gets to know our voices and we let him out of his cage this evening to have a little play.  He loves our rug in the front room and has been running around on it doing these spingy jumps every few minutes.  He is not afraid of anything and loves jumping all over place.  Dave and Holly

Hi, heres the photo we promised! We've named her Minnie and she seems to have settled in really quickly as you can see from the photograph!! Many thanks, Lisa.

Thank you for our little doe.  She follows our other rabbit everywhere.  We have now named her Mrs Thumper as she's the boss of Thumper!


Hi, as promised here are some pic's I took today of Fudge and Pumpkin.They love their 2 storey pad and enjoy cuddling up together.  They have recovered from their jabs think they just felt under the weather and they are back to normal now jumping up and getting excited when we go and see them.They are such cuties we love them very much, thanks again for all your help and for such beautiful bunnies
Hope you and bunnies are well

Hi, here are some pictures to show you how well "Pete" is settling in... Sue

Hi here are some pictures of Bubbles in her new hutch we have made. She has already settled in, bless her. Many thanks, Laura.


Hi, just a note to say Dumpling has settled in fine.  She has really come out of her shell and is cheeky and loves her cuddles, but think she loves her spinach more!  I think she is going to love it here. Many thanks, Allison.

Hi, just a quick note to say "Honey" is doing fine, in fact he is a delight! He has a lovely nature is bright and interested in everything.  He likes being stroked, eats well and gets very excited at feed time.  Our daughter is bonding with him and taking her time.  It's lovely to watch.  Thanks again, Catronia.

Hello, here is Ramsey, he has already taken to our Netherland Dwarf doe Daisy.  He's settled in really quickly. Thanks so much, Michelle