Adorable Rabbits

Miniature Lops and Netherland Dwarfs


The Miniature Lop is the most cheekiest of the rabbit breed.  They should reach no more than an average of three and a half pounds at adult weight.  Being one of the smaller breeds they are easily handled and have great characters.

Females usually grow larger than the male.  An approximate size would compare to a football.


Chocolate Tort

Lilac Tort



Back to the beginning

Adrian de Cock formed the Miniature Lop by breeding together the largest of the Lop Breeds, The French Lop together with a Netherland Dwarf.  It's hard to imagine how this act was done!  Nonetheless 6 babies were born in 1951 and this was how it started. From then on a Sooty Fawn English Lop was introduced to help "lop" the ears.

Years of hard work paid off to produce the smallest of the Lop Breed.



Sussex Cream



Sussex Gold